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2empowerFM Developer Assistant


2empowerFM Developer Assistant is a FileMaker plug-in that lets you search a live FileMaker database and evaluate highlighted expressions in the actual dialogs you’re working with.

Developer Assistant saves you time:

- Find all scripts containing a search term. Individual scripts automatically open to highlight the next line that matches a text or regular expression search term. Searches may also be performed within a single script.

- Find all database fields containing a search term. The search includes not just field names, but auto-enter data, validation calculations, and any other text associated with each field. This search is performed in the "Manage Database" window and requires FileMaker Pro Advanced.

- Find tables by name in the table relationships graph in the "Manage Database" window.

- Search in almost any "list" that appears in a FileMaker dialog. FileMaker uses lists to show names of functions, names of layouts, watched expressions, fields being imported/exported, and many others. A list search includes all visible text in all columns of multi-column lists.

- Drag over part of a FileMaker calculation to highlight and evaluate it at the touch of a button. You can evaluate "Get(SystemPlatform)" instead of looking it up in help, evaluate calculations in script steps as you debug the script, test your calculations before the script is run, and so on.
Requirements: FileMaker Pro 7v3 through 13, OS X Tiger through Mavericks or Windows 2000 through Windows 8.1

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