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Goya Pty Ltd

BaseElements is an analysis tool for FileMaker databases that goes inside your solution to tell you what is in there, what is no longer needed, and what is broken.

BaseElements lists every element in your solution, and lets you look at lists of scripts fields, Tables, Custom Functions and more. By looking in depth at the Database Design Report, BaseElements can tell you what your solution is doing without you having to remember all the details.

Have you ever wanted to know what places are calling a particular script and with what parameters? Or even if the script is being called at all? Have you wanted to make changes to a calculation field, but not sure if you're going to break something somewhere else? BaseElements will give you those answers.

Have you ever wondered if there are elements in your solution that you're not using any more, and that could be removed? BaseElements tells you what items are unreferenced so a cleanup is quick and easy to do.

BaseElements is an essential tool for FileMaker developers everywhere, but don't take our word for it, this is what Mark Anderson from Floristware had to say :

"You have a truly amazing product - the best FileMaker analysis tool I have ever tried. Thanks for providing something so helpful."

BaseElements has a 30 day demo, so you can try it out in full before you buy, no restrictions and no limitations.

If you spend your time buried deep in FileMaker solutions, it will be worth your time to use BaseElements.
Requirements: FileMaker Pro Advanced ( any version ) to produce the Database Design Report. FileMaker Pro 12 to run the .fmp12 version OR alternatively use the BaseElements 4 Runtime application on any OS that supports FMP v12. FileMaker Pro 11 to run the .fp7 version OR use the BaseElements 3 Runtime application on any OS that supports FMP v11. FileMaker Server is also supported, but not required.

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