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SQL Explorer

SeedCode LLC

This free tool lets you learn FileMaker 12 SQL using FileMaker metaphors you already know. Follow along in our wizard and you’ll be writing queries against your own data that you can paste into your own FileMaker files-- or export the results right out of the explorer.

To start using the explorer you can jump right in by tweaking the queries it comes with. But to get the most out of it, add table occurrences from your own files to the graph and you’ll be able to query your own data right in the explorer.

• Create and save your own library of queries.

• Run queries against your own data and export the results to Excel.

• Copy your queries in FileMaker’s ExecuteSQL syntax so they can be pasted, as-is into your own calcs.

• Build queries with the explorer’s wizard, then edit the resulting queries directly as you get the hang of it.
Requirements: The explorer requires FileMaker Pro 12 or the latest version of FileMaker Go.

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